Melodías en blanco y negro


(60 pages)
This sheet music book contains some romantic and sincere pieces for piano, which describe emotions and tell stories.
The compositions are drawn from the classical piano tradition with some influence of jazz.
They are written in a contemporary musical language and are all fresh, gentle, and expressive.

The series of 3 and 6 preludes are fairly short pieces of 2-3 pages, each one expressing a different emotional idea. From a technical point of view they are suitable for piano students of 3rd – 4th grade. Other pieces are more advanced and demanding.


Music sheet book with the next pieces:

  • 3 preludes cycle
  • 6 preludes cycle
  • Argine, the dreamy girl
  • The kiwi, which wanted to fly
  • Short love story
  • Regret
  • Lila

Book excerpts

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